KOMBUCHA- “Mushroom Tea”

KOMBUCHA also known as “mushroom tea” is one very effective and healthy tea that has proved to be one of the best detoxing teas and stomach soothers.

Kombuchas speciality is that it is a sweet fermented tea with SCOBY (symbiotic, Colony of Bacteria and Yeast), which is to become a nutrient rich beverage.

Kombucha and the stomach:

Kombucha is excellent when it comes to the digestive system. Many suffer with gas, bloating, inflammation (gastritis) and IBS. This is exactly what the tea helps avoid and heal.

Your gut needs to have healthy bacteria in order to function properly. The healthy bacteria boosts your immune system and helps fight infections. With Kombucha the SCOBY is a group of microbes that turns sweet tea and sugars into probiotics and healthy acids. Probiotics is what aligns your digestive tract, it cleanses the gut, getting rid of all the bad bacteria and excess toxins.

“Almost 80% of your immune system is situated in your gut ! Now you already understand how important a clean and healthy gut is”

Therefore Kombucha is extremely good for your gut. Promoting a healthy digestive system, eliminating bloating, gas and cramps and infections such as Candida, by ridding all bad bacteria. Also supporting your immune system, it aids the absorption of nutrients and promotes the fighting of infections.

Many doctors and gastro professionals prescribe probiotic tablets to cleanse the gut, because your gut is everything, it all starts and ends with your gut. We even determine our decisions based on our “gut feeling”.

Kombucha – refreshing and better yet a great detox !

The benefits:

  1. Detoxes the liver
  2. Helps IBS
  3. Natural detoxification
  4. Boosts immune system
  5. Increases energy
  6. Improves digestive tract (better digestion)
  7. Cleanses the gut
  8. Reduces Candida (yeast)
  9. Helps promote nutrient assimilation
  10. Also has weigh loss benefits due to the detoxing agents.
  11. Lowers cholesterol*
  12. Helps anxiety and depression (better moods)

The main reason why Kombucha is great for the stomach is due to the enzymes and acids it produces which include Gluconacetobacter, Lactobacillius, Zygosaccharomyces. These enzymes helps digest the foods, reducing bloating and other digestive problems. Many digestive enzymes contain this.

For more information, benefits and possible cautions visit:



8 reasons to drink kombucha daily !


BOCCA DOLCE Vegan Farm – Plettenberg Bay


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Vegans and Non-Vegans

Now, many of you who are South Africans know how Afrikaners absolutely adore their meat. It’s chicken for lunch, lamb for dinner, and maybe some biltong for a snack. It’s basically tradition. Eating game is a lifestyle, not a choice; they eat, sleep, and live their meat.

Also for South Africans, the best get together is the good old traditional ‘braai’, which is short for ‘braaivleis’, meaning grilled meat. South Africa is known for its wildlife and delicious game, hence the meat obsession. “National Heritage Day” actually changed to “National Braai Day”, canyon believe it and is celebrated on 24 September.

For vegans, I know that if you are a vegan, bringing your chickpea or lentil patty might not be the best idea. Worst of all the whole evening is based upon your lifestyle eating choice, the vegan is basically the ugly duckling of the lot. Jokes will flare up and the evening will revolve around why you are such a disgrace to South Africans, or any other countless veganism-related questions. Where do you get your protein from? Don’t you lack iron? Don’t you miss meat? And, the best question of all, what do you even eat?

Instead, it’s safe to bring a salad and some wine. Bringing a vegan patty is like walking into a church service listening to Lady Gaga’s hit single ‘Judah’. So just bring the salad…

I have to disagree. Some people who do not know about the plant based lifestyle can be very rude towards vegans. Non vegans who don’t support vegans tend to make fun of them and throw jokes around like its nothing. Meanwhile one should have respect. If the whole world were carnivores then what…? Exactly we need a balance. So solute them, vegans make the best vegetarian dishes and salads. As we know fruits and veggies are essential for our diet you know.


One of the most beautiful restraints I have ever visited. Little treasure of a place.

For vegans, many restaurants in Plettenberg Bay are not particularly vegan friendly, which makes life quite difficult when eating out, until I heard about ‘Bocca Dolce’ vegan farm.

Let a lone a restaurant it is A VEGAN FARM. How insane? Usually it would just be a restaurant, but not ‘BOCCA DOLCE’, an Italian word for ‘sweet mouth’. The name says it all, describing their delicious buffet, offering a variety of foods from salads, pizzas, burgers, fruits, roasted potatoes, spaghettie bolognese, vegetable curries,  hot dogs and more. These vegans do not mess around, they satisfy all your taste buds.

Photo Credits: Management

If you want pastry, you have it, if you want cake, it’s yours. They grow their own organic vegetables on the farm, which they use for their restaurant. Nothing better knowing you are eating fresh, organic products. Their bread is freshly baked and their coffee is made from pure Italian beans, not to mention they handcraft and manufacture Classic Raw Wood Furniture. This place is like a found treasure chest to any health freak, not just vegans. It’s fresh and everybody loves fresh.

Adrian is super knowledgeable about vegan food and the body is one of the waiters there. Chatting to him opened up my eyes about the world of veganism. The benefits the plant based lifestyle has on ones body, nutritional facts, and delicious recipies. This passionate Afrikaans Vegan can answer all your questions about veganism. He has chatted to many vegans, ferreting information from many different sources, other vegans and experiences.

 Quarry Lake Estate, Stofpad, Wittedrift, 6603, South Africa
Phone: +27 83 562 7236
Visit their Facebook Page @BoccaDolceFacebook
Or their website: BOCCADOLCEWEB


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“Dance needs bodies and every body has a political history” – Talia Lewis

1937002_535419286618852_4526637784683613871_n (1)
Dancer: Nuske George    Photography: Nardus Engelbrecht

What do I mean by political?

We understand that politics relates to the public affairs or government of a country. Politics in this post is seen as an act of power. The questions revolved around this power is who defines what is politically correct? Who controls what is ethically and aesthetically correct? In this case, in DANCE.

Dance is extremely complex to define, because it is constantly evolving like a culture. What is meant by this is that culture is a manmade construction, it is not one group of people, but a fusion of many ethnicities and communities. This defines dance today, it is a fusion of dance styles, a community of people from different ethnicities and training backgrounds. In addition to the dance training, the performance world and dance criticism within South Africa, one of the main reasons for the complexity is due to the influence of politics, culture, colonialism and migration. These aspects have hugely impacted the dance world in South Africa more so the perception of South Africa today.

By unpacking the issues within dance such as the body stigmas, which looks at the ideal body of a dancer, the gender discourses and more importantly race. These cultural markers effect how the audience (you) view dance works, which formally creates a perspective of what is ethical and aesthetically pleasing on stage.

By briefly looking into the history of dance in South Africa, Classical Ballet was dominant and seen as a ‘high art’ (a form of art that originates from the West that is strictly for ‘white’ bodies). It was the main form of dance. This is where colonialism took place. The influence of the West, their norms, traditions, dance forms and authenticity has opened many opportunities for South Africa, however created many disadvantages. The confusion in dance lies between the fusion of many dance styles, because politically with colonialism there is this constant search for the truth…What is authentically African? An identity crisis, which still prevails today, especially when it deals with African Dance…

Many dance companies, dance researches and choreographers strive for equality and beg to understand the reason for the restrictions, constraints and boundaries set politically in the dance world in South Africa. Politically this dates back to the Apartheid era and due to historical events as such, dance in South Africa continuously faces political and aesthetical challenges for example why is a white body on a professional stage performing a traditional African dance seen as politically incorrect?

Identity is a huge issue; we all face an identity crisis due to how society shapes our mind and how the media portrays perfection. As a South African audience member and performer we need to rid this notion of what dance is and what it should look like, the history in art has already broken traditions, overstepped boundaries and created a space for us to explore, experiment and express today. One must learn from the past and cease to live in it. Learn to tolerate, adapt and respect the evolving world we live in today.

In South Africa the fact that we are a multicultural audience the question an audience member (you) should ask is who is performing? Where is the performance performed? And what is being performed? For example the dancing that took place during the Apartheid era. The laws of apartheid, the Group Areas Act affected the performance space for dancers. The ‘Blacks’, Indians and Coloureds were not allowed to perform on professional platforms such as Artscape and the Baxter Theatre. They were forbidden due to their race, because white bodies were more privileged…How racist !

Consequently dance is not just a form of entertainment. The body is seen as a political tool, which is used as a powerful mechanism to educate, to change the perception and future of South Africa.

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