“You are a soul, you have a body” – C.S LEWIS

#MakingItVisual, visualising stories through the arts.

What is Making it Visual all about?

The focus of this blog is all about the body. The body is a powerful tool when it comes to representation. The representation of the human body in the form of dance, media and the arts today. The audience is forever left guessing and questioning what the heck dance is today. Art has evolved so much and I aim to tackle the issues about where dance is today.

Dancers embody the present, past and hope for the future. Many dance works have used the art of a dance as a mechanism to educate and express. This is the concept of Making it Visual, to visually educate and express in any creative way in order to make a statement. This idea relates to a dancer, that dancers visualise the music, using their bodies to tell a story and make a change.

Did you know that dance is the only art that disappears. Unlike a painting, sculpture or drawing that is fixed, which is a form of art that can always be revisited. A piece of music can be replayed, it has a beginning and an end. Whereas dance, is the only art that disappears, performed once and leaves the audience guessing and thinking.

Although the same dance can be performed multiple times, the same performance can never be performed twice. It is a once off embodied experience.

Therefore the body is beautiful and we need to learn how to look after it. We all need to take care of our temples. Although I blog about dance, my posts visualise what a healthy body is all about. Therefore nutrition and fitness is essential for our health. Also the ideal body type in dance and for both men and women in media is stigmatised and has many stereotypes around it. I hope my blog gives insight to lead you to a better and healthier lifestyle.

“Your body is your temple, treat it like a religion” – Talia Lewis

“Exercise, eat, treat, repeat” – Talia Lewis

The Writer:

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Born in 1996, Talia Lewis is a South African National Hip Hop dancer trained in a variety of different dance styles ranging from Hip Hop, Contemporary Dance, Ballroom, Classical Ballet, Horton and Spanish dance. Her life is centered around the arts including drama, singing, acting and of course dancing. Her main vision is to use the arts as a mechanism to educate through her choreography and writing. As a very well known figure in the dance industry in South Africa, Talia is known for being a triple threat (singer, dancer and actress) and a dance model for many well known photographers Sunday Times and Channel 24 .

For more visuals of check her Instagram account: @taliasworld