BOCCA DOLCE Vegan Farm – Plettenberg Bay


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Now, many of you who are South Africans know how Afrikaners absolutely adore their meat. It’s chicken for lunch, lamb for dinner, and maybe some biltong for a snack. It’s basically tradition. Eating game is a lifestyle, not a choice; they eat, sleep, and live their meat.

Also for South Africans, the best get together is the good old traditional ‘braai’, which is short for ‘braaivleis’, meaning grilled meat. South Africa is known for its wildlife and delicious game, hence the meat obsession. “National Heritage Day” actually changed to “National Braai Day”, canyon believe it and is celebrated on 24 September.

For vegans, I know that if you are a vegan, bringing your chickpea or lentil patty might not be the best idea. Worst of all the whole evening is based upon your lifestyle eating choice, the vegan is basically the ugly duckling of the lot. Jokes will flare up and the evening will revolve around why you are such a disgrace to South Africans, or any other countless veganism-related questions. Where do you get your protein from? Don’t you lack iron? Don’t you miss meat? And, the best question of all, what do you even eat?

Instead, it’s safe to bring a salad and some wine. Bringing a vegan patty is like walking into a church service listening to Lady Gaga’s hit single ‘Judah’. So just bring the salad…

I have to disagree. Some people who do not know about the plant based lifestyle can be very rude towards vegans. Non vegans who don’t support vegans tend to make fun of them and throw jokes around like its nothing. Meanwhile one should have respect. If the whole world were carnivores then what…? Exactly we need a balance. So solute them, vegans make the best vegetarian dishes and salads. As we know fruits and veggies are essential for our diet you know.


One of the most beautiful restraints I have ever visited. Little treasure of a place.

For vegans, many restaurants in Plettenberg Bay are not particularly vegan friendly, which makes life quite difficult when eating out, until I heard about ‘Bocca Dolce’ vegan farm.

Let a lone a restaurant it is A VEGAN FARM. How insane? Usually it would just be a restaurant, but not ‘BOCCA DOLCE’, an Italian word for ‘sweet mouth’. The name says it all, describing their delicious buffet, offering a variety of foods from salads, pizzas, burgers, fruits, roasted potatoes, spaghettie bolognese, vegetable curries,  hot dogs and more. These vegans do not mess around, they satisfy all your taste buds.

Photo Credits: Management

If you want pastry, you have it, if you want cake, it’s yours. They grow their own organic vegetables on the farm, which they use for their restaurant. Nothing better knowing you are eating fresh, organic products. Their bread is freshly baked and their coffee is made from pure Italian beans, not to mention they handcraft and manufacture Classic Raw Wood Furniture. This place is like a found treasure chest to any health freak, not just vegans. It’s fresh and everybody loves fresh.

Adrian is super knowledgeable about vegan food and the body is one of the waiters there. Chatting to him opened up my eyes about the world of veganism. The benefits the plant based lifestyle has on ones body, nutritional facts, and delicious recipies. This passionate Afrikaans Vegan can answer all your questions about veganism. He has chatted to many vegans, ferreting information from many different sources, other vegans and experiences.

 Quarry Lake Estate, Stofpad, Wittedrift, 6603, South Africa
Phone: +27 83 562 7236
Visit their Facebook Page @BoccaDolceFacebook
Or their website: BOCCADOLCEWEB



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